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On this page are the links to the main sites to purchase Kundalini Yoga Products. These are just a few of the places.

Sat Nam Europe

Sat Nam Europe has Kundalini Yoga Music, Books, DVDs, Yoga mats and Yoga Wear. Also Ayurveda Products: Yogi Tea, Hari Tea, Massage Oils, nutrition, supplementsĀ and more.

Website in three different languages.

Ancient Healing Ways

Ancient Healing Ways has products for the body, mind and spirit through herbal teas, healthy foods, body care products, books, music, DVD's, Yogi Bhajan's Lectures and more. A great place to start exploring what is available.

Kundalini Research Institute

KRI Teacher Training, Events, Tools for Students & Teachers (how to pronounce the mantras) Yogi Bhajan online library, eBooks, online store. This is the group that sets the standards and certifies the teachers.

The Khalsa Raj Collection

The Khalsa Raj Collection has Adi Shakti Pins/Pendents, rings, Power Necklaces, Ekongkars, Fabulous Gold plated, meditation wands and crystal wands for healing.

Life Knives

Khalsa Kirpans as a means of defending the defenceless, not as vehicles of aggression. All created by Jot Singh Khalsa who has been creating knives and swords since 1978. All types of knives from folding knives to Celtic Swords.

This is a site you can get lost on just looking at what is available in curved and engraved and jeweled Kirpans, swords and knives. With incredible list of 'Best of Shows' Winers, something for everyone.


Sheepskins at Ikea links
Europe, North America-Canada, US, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Caribbean

Check out garage sales for old sheepskin car seats - can be cut, they can be washed in shampoo, (mild soap), and hang to dry.

Jaap Kaur Yoga, Sheepskins

Ebay is another place to look for sheepskins. is place to check.

Comfy Sheepskin Rug

Lawson Sheepskins

Kiwi Sheepskins

Black Sheep Whitelight

Spirit Voyage:

Spirit Voyage has Kundalini Yoga Gifts, Yoga Wear, Music, Books, World Sacred Music, DVDs, Jewelry, Yoga En Espanol, Health and Nutrition.

Chakra Lotus Ring - at Spirit Voyage These rings were hand-crafted to represent each of the seven Chakra Lotus Blossoms. They follow the design of the chakra lotus blossoms with the chakra symbol in the center and the corresponding petals encircling the symbol.

A Few More:

Jaap Kaur
3 Piece Cotton Punjabi Yoga Suits, Turban material, Gongs, Sheepskins

Mala Beads
Malas have been my passion for over 40 years. Mala beads create a wonderful focus for meditation and can be adapted to any tradition you adhere to. Semi-precious stone mala beads when kept for your sacred space give a healing vibration for numerous and diverse situations.

Kundawaps, easy-wrap turban, tops

Paiste Gongs

Gong Songs I've been authorized to match or beat any offer you'll see online on any Paiste product. if you are needing a specific tuning we can, to some extent, "hand pick" your gong depending on what we have in stock.

If you're looking for a Symphonic, know that it is exceptionally consistent in its overall sound, no matter what size Symphonic you choose. Each gong is unique, even of the same Series and of the same fundamental note. As each gong is hand made so there will always be subtle differences in every gong made.

Symphonic Planetetary Gongs are tuned to the natural harmonic series based on the orbital properties of the Earth, Moon, Sun, and Planets. and you can listen to them on this site.

Also has New Moon Synodic Gong, Full Moon Sidereal Gong. Partial Circle Floor Stands, Paiste Square Stands, and Padded Carrying Bags.

Gong Meditation 30 and 32 inch Paiste Gongs, Symphonic Gongs recommended by Yogi Bhajan. Symphonic Gongs cover all human frequencies, energy centers and produces relaxing benefits similar to mediation, exercise, and breathing.

If your mind goes along with you it is a blessing.
If your mind obeys you it is a super blessing.
Yogi Bhajan 11/7/85


Kundalini Yoga Products

Sat Kriya

Sat Kriya


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