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These are interesting articles on various subjects having to do with Kundalini Yoga.

Conscious Death We cling to stuff thinking, "I might need that someday".

Guruka on Sikhs Guruka Singh is SikhNet's Executive director and original founder of SikhNet back in 1983 as a BBS System. Late last year he changed his whole job focus...and decided to work again with SikhNet (as a full time job).

Solar Flares-Catalyst Yogi and how they affect us Yogi Bhajan talked early on about how we would see more solar activity during this time. How the Solar Flares Can Affect You Personally: Irritability - increased sensitivity - sleep problems - headaches - weird body pain that comes and goes - ringing in the ears - blurred vision -

Alzheimers and Kirtan Kriya Alzheimers and Kundalini Yoga are making headway doing Kirtan Kriya every day for 12 minutes as shown in the following youtubes by Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D. and there is an article below the You Tubes.

Tantric Numerology It is simply a useful tool for understanding ones strengths and weaknesses, and for working on the weaknesses and utilizing the strengths more effectively.

White Tantric Yoga The Mahan Tantric, Yogi Bhajan, has put the peerless technology of White Tantric, the Z force, the diagonal energy, on videotape. These numinous tapes tour the world each year stopping about 33 times to create a vast inter-dimensional grid of light and healing.

How Science and Religion Come Together Index How Science amd Religion Come Together is about sound vibration. It is the technology of knowing or understanding the essence of the universe.

Results of Paying Attention The purpose of practicing one's Sadhana and occasional KY sets every day is that the various energy flashes in the body begin to balance out and normalize. At first you feel these radiances in different parts of the body, but gradually, and especially if you remember to wait for some time between KY exercises and the at the end of sets to allow the energy in the body to complete its chemical electric cycle.

Invention of Gurmukhi

Ownership of Ancient Knowledge

The Akal Takhat is the Throne of Timelessness>

Wahe Guru - Where do the Words come from

What to take to Solstice

The Field of the Heart

The First Turban

Kundalini Yoga and Learning Disorders

Guru Rattana's Teachings on the Sensory System


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