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Kirtan Kriya is one of the most important meditations in Kundalini Yoga. It was one of the first meditations taught by Yogi Bhajan, the mind goes out of balance when the pineal gland is dormant. The imbalance makes it seem impossible to break mental and physical addictions.

Note: Before starting a Class, Mantra, or Kriya Tune In!

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo,

Whatever you need at the moment, it will readjust and align you to bring balance into your mind and thus your life. It is a catalyst for change because it is a very powerful spiritual cleanser.

 Do you think about an old lover and want to be liberated from the grips of the past  and release him or her from your aura? 

Why is it so challenging to drop the past?

You may have all good intentions to bring forgiveness to the past, drop old habits, and ready to move one and yet old thoughts, emotions and desires still haunt you.

Sometimes trying to let go of the past can feel like putting sticky paper in the garbage -- just when you think its gone it 's stuck there again on your hands or clothing. Source:
Catalyst Yogi

The Yogic Perspective

From a yogi' perspective the past is simply old experiences that now live as memories in the subconscious mind. The Subconscious Mind is a recorder and warehouse of all our actions, thoughts, feelings -- it is like being under video surveillance 24/7.

Most people are not aware of their subconscious mind, because it is below the surface of the conscious mind and can drive 85% or our behavior.

How to do Kirtan Kriya

( 11, 31, 60 min or 2-1/2 hours

For 11 minutes:
2 minutes out loud
2 minutes whisper
3 minutes silent
2 minutes whisper
2 minutes out loud
For 31 minutes:
5 minutes out loud
5 minutes whisper
11 minutes silent
5 minutes whisper
5 minutes out loud
Focus on your third eye. if you get a headache visualize the energy coming in through the crown and going out the 3rd eye in an L shape.

Continue repeating the sequence always starting with the index finger. The pace between each movement is approximately 1 second per fingertip. To end, inhale, hold the breath for a few seconds, focus the eyes upward, exhale and relax.

Stimulates the nerve endings in the fingertips balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain. This positively changes your habits and works through insecurities.

Practice for 11 to 31 minutes. You can also do it for 1 hour up to 2-1/2 hours.


  • SA   is the beginning, infinity, the totality of everything that ever was, is or will be.
  • TA   is life, existence and creativity that manifests from infinity.
  • NA   is death, change and the transformation of consciousness.
  • MA  is rebirth, regeneration and resurrection which allows us to consciously experience the joy of the infinite.


is so primal that its impact on our psyche is like splitting an atom. The power of this mantra comes from the fact that it rearranges the subconscious mind at the most elementary level. It has the power to break habits and addictions because it accesses that level of the mind where habits are created.

Comment: I found that the 2-1/2 hours was really hard to do, but I can handle the 1 hour and either another hour or half an hour at a time. And it is great to do right before going to sleep. Forget the day. Dream Differently.
~ Sat Avtar Kaur.

Alternative Method:
Bifurcated Kirtan Kriya

Sa-a, Ta-a, Na-a, Ma-a

from 'Spirit Voyage, Summer Solstice 2008 - Special Edition

Cross-Heart Kirtan Kriya Gets Rid of Aditctations

Guruka Singh (teaching for 30 years)
explains the meditation

Note: Find Kirtan Kriya in these books:
Focus on Teachers and Musicians by Nirvair Singh- pg 24
Also, in the BOOK: Art Science and Application of Kundalini Yoga
BOOK: The Aquarian Teacher Training Manual Level 1, pg 425
BOOK: p96-1-Kundalini Yoga : Sadhana Guidelines, 1996 
Exercise and Meditation Manual KRI


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