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Introduction to the Aquarian Age

In this section, Introduction to the Aquarian Age, I am putting some excerpts on what each page - section has in it. I am hoping that this stimulates you to read and take some notes so that you know what is coming our way or may come our way. Sat Avtar Kaur

Moving Into the Aquarian Age by Harijian

Moving Into the Aquarian Age by Harijian

In the Solar System each planet is a multidimensional body with varying layers of conscious energy forms.

The Sun moves on a 26,000 year cycle. 2012 will be the end of one of these cycles.

The Atlantis civilization was extremely psychic, intuitive, and very technologically advanced. The levitation of stones and the creation of the pyramids and Stonehenge are examples of ancient abilities that we do not have today. Then the Sun "inhaled", Atlantis fell, and we entered the Dark Age, a barbaric and primitive time that has extended from the Stone Age to the present day.

Moving into the Aquarian Age by Harijian

End of This Age by the Mayas

William B Stoecker

We are nearing the winter solstice, 2012 date forecast as the end of this age by the Mayas, who had remarkably accurate lunar and solar calendars, and fairly advanced mathematics, including the zero concept. ............ when Biblical and Mayan prophecy appear to coincide perhaps we need to take notice.

Unexplained Mysteries

Completion of the Nine Underworlds

With Barbara Hand Clow & Gerry Clow

The end date of the Mayan Calendar-2011/2012-approaches Earth like a strange attractor in the sky. It heralds the completion of the Nine Underworlds as described by the Swedish biologist, Carl Johan Calleman, and the alignment of our solar system with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Barbara Hand Clow, The Mayan Calendar

Kundalini Energy Moves Across the World

In Serpent of Light, Drunvalo Melchizedek explains and explores how every 13,000 years on Earth a sacred and secret event takes place that changes everything. Mother Earth's Kundalini energy emerges from its resting place in the planet's core and moves like a snake across the surface of our world. Once at home in ancient Lemuria, it moved to Atlantis, then to the Himalayan mountains of India and Tibet, and with every relocation changed our idea of what spiritual means. And gender. And heart.

"Not only is this a shift of spiritual power from the male to the female, but it is also a spiritual power shift from Tibet and India to Chile and Peru. The Light of the World that has been nurtured and expanded with the Tibetan and Indian cultures is now completed. A new reign has just begun in Chile and Peru, and soon it will affect the hearts of all mankind.

Drunvalo Melchizedek, Serpent of Light

The Self-Sensory System and Yogi Bhajan

The Transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age

IN THE NEXT TWELVE TO FOURTEEN YEARS YOU WILL BE needed by the world. It does not matter who one is today, or to whom one belongs, people's minds are going to empty.

A Sensory System will develop, a new system where the individual will find him or herself complete. Communication will be humongous.

Everyone will have access to all knowledge. With a push of the button you can get any information you want. The whole world will be at your disposal. The obsession with sex will have no place.

One will not look for satisfaction through physical intercourse. It will be automatic that one will find satisfaction through the self-sensory system, which people will develop in the coming 50 years.

What is that personal sensory system?

Self-Sensory System

First Time in 26,000 Years
Change to the Axle Power

An elementary change to the axle power will happen, changing the wavelength of all frequencies, including ocean currents.

About 2014, the heavens and earth shall meet and there will be fire from the heavens.

At about the quarter century (c.2024) man shall inhabit space, and the technology of Guru Gobind Singh will be needed in order to survive.

Pole Shift

Nine Creation Cycles

Swedish biologist, Carl Johan Calleman

The Mayan calendar is associated with nine creation cycles, which represent nine levels of consciousness or Underworlds as symbolized by the Mayan pyramids.

Calleman Nine Creations

World Prophecy by the Q'ero

Jon Rasmussen

Recently in Peru, I was privileged to be present for a new reading of world prophecy by the Q'ero elder shamans (descendants of the Inka). The last time it was read was about 10 years ago and they spoke of the great and rapid changes coming to the Earth. They spoke of the floods, earthquakes, fires, etc. that would herald a time of great transformation for the Earth and all of its inhabitants.

They say that there is tremendous upheaval happening on all levels: physical, emotional, and energetic; and now we are faced with an evolutionary leap in human consciousness, and now is the time to choose how we make that leap. Now is the time for individuals to leave behind the victim consciousness that has brought the human species to its knees and to the brink of destruction and step into the free and empowered consciousness of co-creators.

PS. The shamans say that the Universe makes you right - so that whatever you choose to believe (your working hypothesis), you will continue to find evidence to support it. So, why not make your working hypothesis extraordinary.

Dream Into Being, Q'ero

The Quantum Technology of the Shabd Guru

Excerpted from The Quantum Technology of the Shabd Guru, by Yogi Bhajan and Gurucharan Singh Khalsa.

In the Aquarian age there are no secrets! Information is available. Finding it is not the central task any longer. In this Age the motto is "be to be."

Now every persona is under audit. Each action can be tracked regardless of appearances. Every money exchange, statement. and behavior leaves a trail. They will be known by those actions.

There are many dimensions to the radical shift of this Age. People everywhere are talking about it, making predictions or debunking it. Some sense the shift as a cataclysm or end of the world, others as a new beginning, and still others as a time of uncertainty and unpredictably.

Consciousness in the Aquarian Age

The Amazing Holographic Universe

By Michael Talbot

In 1982 a remarkable event took place. At the University of Paris a research team led by physicist Alain Aspect performed what may turn out to be one of the most important experiments of the 20th century. You did not hear about it on the evening news. In fact, unless you are in the habit of reading scientific journals you probably have never even heard Aspect's name, though there are some who believe his discovery may change the face of science.

The Amazing Holographic Universe


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