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the classes you taught,
the friendships we had,
the fun and the love,
shared by all.

Guru Ravi Khalsa

Our Beloved Teacher and Friend, Guru Ravi Khalsa, passed away on Thursday morning, September 2, 2011.

Guru Ravi Kaur Khalsa

She was surrounded by the people she loved: her daughter Harbajan, her brother David and her dear friend Sat Ardas.

Guru Ravi 's vision, humor, depth and wisdom will impact each of us forever. Teaching was her true passion in life and we will always be grateful for her presence, insight and compassion. Guru Ravi Kaur Khalsa, the Lead Trainer from Tucson, Arizona who died on September 1st, 2011. She founded the Rx Yoga Center and brought Teacher Training to Tucson.


Guru Ravi Khalsa bio on this website

Holy Kaur Khalsa

Holy Kaur Khalsa, a dedicated student of Yogi Bhajan and Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Trainer, lived and served in Portland, Oregon, from the late seventies. She left her body on September 26, 2013 in the company of her beloved family: her husband Hari Dass, sons Har Rai, Guru Amrit and Hari Amrit, daughter-in-law Amrita, and her brother and sister-in-law.

Holy Kaur Khalsa, in Memory of

Holy Kaur was a brilliant light, and what she radiated was Love. Her beautiful heart was open and welcoming. All were drawn to her, not just those blessed to know her, but strangers in airports and small children. Her love lives on and expands as it is carried in so many hearts.

Because of who she was and how much she cared, Holy Kaur excelled in all she did. She received recognition as a student earning her Masters in Spiritual Psychology at Santa Monica College. She impacted generations of students in the Northwest Teacher Training and classes at Summer Solstice. The basis of her success as a business and life coach is embodied in the message of her business name: LifeWorks Unlimited. Whether creating a curriculum or ironing a chuni, she delivered excellence because the elevation of her Being required it.


Ikyta Tribute Article - Holy Kaur Khalsa

Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa

Our beloved son, brother, father, grandfather, husband, warrior, teacher, ustad and friend, born 16.05.1948, left his physical body on Friday 13.02.2015 and is on his way on.

Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa, in Memory of

"I still am a hippie, a yogi, a warrior, a shaman, a dancer and a grandfather and somehow it all fits."

Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa - GERMANY,   Bio and his site in Germany Nanak Dev Singh


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