Guru Singh Inspires You with a "LifeBite"

Guru Singh, a yogi, teacher, writer, composer, musician,
ordained minister, shaman and all around family man.
This wise one has a message for all of us to watch.

Keith Ferrazzi Interviews Guru Singh

Highlights of Keith's interview with Guru Singh. Subjects include "What is a Sikh," overcoming self pity, and other compelling topics.

Guru Singh - Ritual and Technology

Guru Singh, Harijot and Gurujot have a discussion style talk about Sikh youth around the world not relating to Sikhism because they haven't been taught properly the reasons for the Sikh Lifestyle.

Explains Mantra Ong Namo

How to Be More Authentic

Keith Ferrazzi interviews Guru Singh. Guru Singh talks about how to be more authentic.

The Davos Question

Keith Ferrazzi interviews Guru Singh. Guru Singh answers the Davos Question.

The Guru Singh Global Community

An invitation to join the Guru Singh Global Community
and be an agent of change in awakening the global consciousness to enlightened awareness.
Join Global Community  

Guru Singh Youth Taking Ownership

Guru Singh and Harijot Singh discuss feeling comfortable with beard and Sikh identity.
Guru Singh talks about what happens when you accept yourself and the effect that it has on the group conscious...

Guru Singh - What to Do When Someone is Angry

Keith Ferrazzi interviews Guru Singh. Guru Singh talks about how to handle someone who is angry.

Guru Singh

12 Laws of Abundance - "Moving without Effort."

Yogi Tea Cafe - Guru Singh and Company

Summer Solstice 2007 in Espanola, New Mexico jamming out in the evening.

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