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As a Personal Mantra

The Aad Guray Nameh is mostly used as a Protection Mantra. And it is said before we chant or do a Kriya. However, it can be done as a personal practice and that is what this page is about. I do it for me, and I LOVE IT! It is beautiful and powerful.

Note: Before starting a Class, Mantra, or Kriya Tune In!

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo,

There Are 2 Versions

The approved version by Yogi Bhajan.  And the one I am doing, that I got from a teacher of 30 years. He said a couple of his students had gotten wonderful results just doing it as a 'Let go and Let God' do it. So I decided to try it out. Then I found out that there was Yogi Bhajan version.

Projection From the Heart
Yogi Bhajan

Sitting in easy pose,

Palms together at the heart center, thumbs crossed

Chant -- Ad Guray Nameh - As you extend the arms up to 60°.

Inhale powerfully as arms returned to heart center,

Chant - Jugad Gurey Name - As you extend the arms up to 60°.

Inhale, returning arms to the heart and

Chant - Sat Guray Nameh - As you extend the arms up to 60°.

Inhale, returning arms to the heart and

Chant - Siri guru send a Nameh - As you extend the arms up to 60°.

Inhale, returning arms to the heart.


Project the mind out as you chant.

Palms can part as the arms extend.

Continue for 11 minutes, adding five minutes per day up to 31 minutes, until you feel perfect at it.

Comments: This meditation gives you an enchanting, magnetic personality, with many unexpected friends. The Mangala Charan mantra surrounds the magnetic field with protective light.

Aad Guray Nameh

Jugaad Guray Nameh

Sat Guray Nameh

Siri Guru Dayvay Nameh

(SIRI is pronounced See-ree )

Ad Guray Nameh

I bow to (or call on) THE PRIMAL WISDOM.

I bow to (or call on) THE WISDOM THROUGH THE AGES.

I bow to (or call on) THE TRUE WISDOM.


This is what the teacher of 30 years said about doing it this way.

" Give up all are just calling on pure G*d head to take over.......It's realizing all you've tried to do hasn't worked...all the fancy techniques.....then there comes  a sort of anger...then desperation....then you get worse.......This is just saying....I don't know shit.....I'M just going to bask in your light and genius....and do it like you knew you were going to die in the next 5 go to G*d for nothing else but G*d......not for healing...not for any reason.....just to be with G*d......"

This is so Beautiful and Wonderful to chant to listen to. I LOVE IT!

It is healing within and without and it is bringing peace, and joy and happiness into my life and my heart. In the first 2 or 3 days of chanting, I experienced changes, opportunities coming to me. And most of all feeling different within my being.

My life is opening up. I am listening to Snatam Kaur chanting this over and over in the background of my life. And sometimes hearing this mantra brings tears to my eyes, it is so beautiful.

My wish for you all is to have the same experiences. What ever you need, I feel this mantra can bring it to you.

Chant it twice (2) a day, nothing special needs to be done.
This is a Let go and Let God, type of chant.
(Siri sounds like See-ree)

Aad Guray Nameh
Jugaad Guray Nameh
Sat Guray Nameh
Siri Guru Dayvay Nameh

II also send the MariEl healing energy out and 30 minutes of that energy combined with the Aad Guray Nameh is very powerful. I sent it to my cat and she has had almost a personality change. I got her from a shelter, and she was scared of everything, every sound, every movement. And we thought she did not have good eyesight. She could not see so she would duck first. And now her eyes are different, not so weird looking and her aura is calmer and very different.

And our totally outdoor cat that adopted us and we him. I even got him a little house that sits on the porch so he can get out of the rain and the wind and sleep on a little hot pad that relects his heat back to him. I did this combination on him for 30 minutes and I was amazed when I saw him again. He was walking across the yard as though it was his yard. (before he kind of sneaked across and his feet were not attached to the ground) He was confident. His coat had filled out and it was beautiful. He knew that he had a place to sleep, someone that fed him every day. That he was wanted. He had a home. People cared about him. A totally different cat.

Sending Heart Breath Out and
Chanting Aad Guray Nameh

Doing both at the same time is really really powrful. Heart Breath helps all situations, one person I know works in IT and she does HB right before she starts working on a problem. Now she is known for fixing impossible problems.

Breath normally
(or long slow deep inhales) and then
Exhale through your heart.

That is all you have to do. So much more comes through your heart than just your energy. It is powerful and healing. Friends sending HB to me have kept me out of hospital. Instead I got well. Heart Breath is something everyone can do in all situations.

Do it while waiting for a bus, in the coffee shop with friends. No arguments when HB is being exhaled. Exhale through the heart and chant Aad Guray Nameh and so on. Or chant it at the end. Do it while just sitting around the house. I do it before my landlord and friend gets home from work and he has quit dumping his day on me. I try to remember to send HB to him during the day as I know it will help him at work. I also send it to every one in the building where he works.


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