HarJiwan Kaur Teaching in Australia

HarJiwan Kaur (also known as Jacinta) is one of Australia's most experienced and dynamic Kundalini yoga teachers And is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher (KRI, IKYTA), Pregnancy Yoga teacher, Child Yoga teacher, Pilates Master teacher. Teaching and presenting nationally and internationally for 17 years,

During this time Jacinta was pursuing her other love - ballet, she took up a scholarship at the Hungarian National Ballet. After several years in Europe, fatigue and an ongoing back injury brought her back to Australia. During this time Jacinta discovered Pilates and immediately recognized its potential, and undertook training and certification.

Miracle Bend

Kundalini Yoga to help create well being and state of clam, help alleviate feelings of anxiety, anger and depression, balances emotions.

At the age 23, Ashtanga Yoga found Jacinta; she immersed herself in Yoga whilst continuing to grow as a Pilates Practioner. Wanting to expand her Yoga training the journey moved from Toronto to London teaching Pilates at leading Pilates Studios in London, presenting Pilates workshop's throughout Europe, and expanding and deepening her Yoga practice in London.

An injury in London resulted in a journey and detour back to Australia to spend time with family, rehab and healing. She became the Pilates and Yoga teacher to the Australian Ballet in Melbourne.

A friend gave her a book 'The Eight Human Talents' by Gurmukh (a world renowned Kundalini Yoga teacher). She set off to Los Angeles to study intensively with Gurmukh (as Kundalini Yoga was virtually unknown in Australia).

Grace of God Meditation

Positive affirmation is an age-old technology and in this particular meditation we use one of the most powerful affirmations a woman can do. Yogi Bhajan has said of this meditation Grace of God meditation will give you self-effectiveness. It is designed that way. Any woman who does it will find grace in her behavior. It may take alittle time, but the results will be positive.

Upon returning to Australia and her studio Jacinta began to include some Kundalini Yoga meditations at the completion of her Pilates sessions. Clients loved it and wanted more. Jacinta continued a Kundalini Yoga home practice and registered for intensive Kundalini Yoga training and teacher certification in New Mexico with the Master of Kundalini Yoga -- Yogi Bhajan.

Within 12 months HarJiwan had opened Australia's first Kundalini Yoga studio and founded Kundalini Yoga Australia (KYA) in Melbourne and ignited a wave of Kundalini Yoga in Australia. Many of her Pilates clients and ballet members became regular students.

HarJiwan is currently teaching regular classes, workshops and events in Byron Bay, a renowned healing and Yogic hub of Australia specializing in women's yoga and women's issues.

Hariwan Yoga

Rock Pose

Improves and assists digestion, brings peace and calm, makes you steady as a rock.

Camel Pose

Exercises, helps prevent build up of tension around the ovaries, works on the lymphatic system, strengthens the muscles of the back, relieves the stomach from effects of over eating and according to the teachings of yoga one who regularly practices Camel Pose gains control over thirst and hunger making this pose a great one to practice for weight control.

Life Nerve Stretch

Important for health flexibility, keeps sciatic nerve healthy, relaxes mind.

Bow Pose

Kundalini Yoga pose brings peace of mind, strengthens abs, helps prevent digestive and bowel disorders.

Archer Pose

Develops the quality of courage in the face of challenge, activates all the chakras, strengthens and balances the nervous system as well as electromagnetic field. Flexibility, helps relax and focus the mind.

Shoulder Stand

Releases pressure on all the organs and stimulates the Thyroid gland bringing youthfulness and radiance. Great to practice before sleep. Helps prevent varicose veins, increases flexibility in the cervical spine and strengthens muscles of the back,shoulders and arms.

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