GuruPrem Singh Teaching Kundalini Yoga

Guru Prem Singh Khalsa Bio

His website: Divine Alignment

The following list are the utubes have been moved to theKundalini Yoga Bandh page, GuruPrem showing Applying Mool Bandh, Uddiyana Bandh, Jalandar Banda, and Breath of Fire.

The following Youtubes are on this page.
  • Spinal Flex
  • Family Gymnastisc At Muscle Beach

Spinal Flex

GuruPrem Posture Master of Kundalini Yoga teaches correct application of Spinal flex

Family Gymnastisc At Muscle Beach

This is a video of our family having fun as we do almost every weekend
at Muscle Beach in Santa Monica.
We love to have people come and join us and learn to have fun!

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